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What is screen printing and how does it work

Screen printing is a graphic design technique in which ink is pushed through an etched stencil onto fabric. It’s most commonly used for large-scale, multicolor designs on t-shirts, but it can also be applied to other items like posters and banners. Screen printing starts with creating a digital image of the work using computer software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Then need to prepare the substrate (the material that will receive the print). It might be paper, canvas, t-shirt or even plastic sheets. The next step is to place a thin layer of emulsion over the substrate and expose it to ultraviolet light from an overhead projector or exposure unit (a machine that exposes photosensitive chemicals to UV energy). This causes the emulsion to harden, and the image is transferred to the surface.

Personal screen printing kit

Screen printing is now more accessible than ever! With screen printing kit, you can print on t-shirts or bags at your home. It contains all the basics to get started immediately with your own designs without having high costs. High-quality monochrome graphics can be printed up to a size of DIN A3.

One of the best companies in this area is The company offers detailed guidance for those who want to get started with the process. They also provide professional advices on how best your design can be printed and what materials will produce high-quality prints without spending too much money in wasted material or time spent trying out new techniques that don’t work well at all.

You want to start a small business but don’t know where or how? The Screen Printing Kit is the answer! With this essential set of tools in 1 place, you can take your ideas from inspiration to production.

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