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Not so long ago, the UK revised its visa policy, removing the previous migration routes and offering instead an updated list of available visa regimes. The Global Mobility Business Group has become one of those massive upgrades. This type of migration category allows you to arrive in the UK for work purposes, for example, to open a representative office of a foreign company, undergo a work internship, and so on – there are 5 varieties of such a Global Mobility Business visa available for different purposes. They do not provide an opportunity to obtain an indefinite leave to remain, but they provide great opportunities for entrepreneurs and highly qualified personnel.

A Global Business Mobility visa is obtained for various purposes, for example, when entering the British market:

  • to open a branch of the company in the UK;
  • to send a qualified employee from another country to an existing office;
  • to organize an internship for a young specialist for further employment;
  • to perform work on a specific order or direction.
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The main criterion for evaluating whether a category is suitable in a particular case or not is an understanding of the deadlines for completing the work – they must be clearly outlined, because at the end of them the employee must leave the country.

Global Business Mobility Categories

The Global Business Mobility visa group includes 5 options, each of which is designed for specific employee tasks:

  • The visa of the head or specialist.
  • The visa for intern.
  • A visa for a representative of a developing business.
  • The visa of the service provider.
  • The visa of the seconded employee.
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A prerequisite for the issuance of all visas of the Global Business Mobility Category is the presence of a sponsor license, which will allow the candidate to provide a sponsorship certificate. Each license has its own requirements and certain subtleties in obtaining it.

The Global Business Mobility Visa presents new options that meet the modern demands of the business environment. Now you can take advantage of the fullness of 5 new categories and send both the boss and a sufficient staff of specialists for the development of the company – even the very first orders will be fulfilled at the highest level and customers will definitely become regular customers.

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