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Translation and Localization of an Online Store is the Key to a Successful Business

In the modern world, the popularity of online shopping is steadily growing, in fact, the format of shopping has changed dramatically. According to forecasts, by 2040 95% of all purchases will take place online.

Key approaches for online store translation

The first step towards the globalization of a trading company is the website translation of online store. According to analytics, most users prefer to make online purchases in their own language. This means that most of the visitors will leave the resource if they cannot understand its contents. Therefore, it is important at the initial stage to provide foreign audiences with content that is as natural as possible for perception.

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There are several solutions that are most often resorted to by the owners of trading resources.

1) Automatic translation

This method is characterized by low cost and comparative ease of implementation. The text undergoes a language modification in the program, after which it is added to the site. However, automatic translation tools are not suitable for creating a high-quality language version. Unfortunately, at this stage of technology development, machine translation is not able to fully reproduce the human language.

2) Creating a foreign language version of the website

Preparing and configuring a universal language version is a better alternative to automatic translation. In addition, choosing one popular and widely used language optimizes the costs of professional translation.

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3) Professional localization of the site into several languages

For companies and entrepreneurs who are firmly focused on gaining a foreign audience, popularizing the resource and brand, leadership among competitors, the only option that will ensure success will be professional website localization of the online store.

A flawlessly translated website into the user’s native language, adapted taking into account all linguistic, stylistic and cultural features, definitely causes more trust and increases the chances of making a conversion.

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