Stone industry as a profitable type of business

Stone industry as a profitable type of business

Technology development is everything that was fundamental to evolution of people – a set of tools and procedures that help us meet our needs and solve problems.

This development took place throughout the history of our species, true, our intricate technology is part of what sets us apart from all other species.

More specifically, the transition from homo habilis to homo sapiens was marked by the use of minerals, known as the stone industry. It is also the oldest human-developed industry.

Not a single stone-working company can be imagined without proper equipment, namely without a stone cutting machine.

Stone cutting machine

The stone-cutting machine, in accordance with the standards of modern repair, is used for processing finishing and building materials. The uncomplicated working principle, power and repairability create possibility that no other basic hand tool possesses.

Machine device

There are three main types of modern cutting machines according to the scope of application – construction, industrial, and jewelry purpose. Basic design of the cutting machine: frame (bed); transmission; an electric engine (in most devices); cutting tool. Moreover, except of main elements, a cutting machine must be tooled with means for supplying stone to the cutting equipment, as well as devices for controlled cutting.

The bed of the stone carving machine is made of steel or cast iron, this is a significant element for stone cutting, because machine work depends on its reliability, the ability to dampen vibration of the electric motor and correct moving of the cutting tools on it.

Stone cutting machines can be tooled with several types of transmissions – chain, gear, belt, direct drive from an electric motor and others. The sort of transmission greatly depends on the power of the engine and the tasks that the worker has put into this type of the device.

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