Startup Trends of 2021

Startup Trends of 2021

It is always a good time to start your business. Don’t let the global news or some negativity hold you back if you have an idea that can change the world! Create your startup, use a crowdfunding platform, get financing!

And if you are a crowdfunder, then don’t be afraid to invest! It’s a great opportunity to take part in something special and authentic. Even though 2020 was rough for everybody, people still create startups, do science, invent, and create something new. 

Don’t wait for the perfect time to invest in or to start your business, just dive in. There is help everywhere you can use and the crowdfunding platform Levelcrowd is one of those places where you can seek help. 

But you still have to pay attention to the trends in startups to check whether you keep up with the times. 
Plenty of trends appeared in 2020 due to the COVID-19 breakout. Besides this, there were plenty of other different diseases that have been speculated all around the world. The idea is, there is and there always will be a spot for a scientific startup that is brave enough to find the cure for new and old diseases. 

We expect the rise of remote wellness services and at-home health products in 2021. People tend to spend more time at home and plan their budget wisely, so there is no doubt that such services will migrate from spas and beauty salons to homes. 

People don’t want to risk their health and go to some crowded space, they prefer to do as many things they can at home. 

What can be done at home? So, basically, this question gives you the idea of the startup you can invest in or create:

  • supplements,
  • at-home genetic illness analysis,
  • testing,
  • home fitness,
  • etc. 

Just imagine these numbers, comparing to 2019, Amazon has increased in selling dumbbells by more than 1500%. And supplement stores gained 1286% profit compared to 2019.

So, here you get numbers, and the rest is just your passion and the ability to start your business.

However, home testing is a tricky subject. We all remember the Theranos project and Elizabeth Holmes. To avoid such situations, we check each startup before placing it on this platform so you can be sure that we don’t have scammers or scabs. 
For those, who don’t remember, the Theranos project promised to provide people with home-based blood laboratories that could do a simple blood test in seconds or minutes to show the full clinic picture. Which is, apparently, not possible. However, in the beginning, it seemed like a dream come true, where a single drop of your blood could show everything about you, starting from cholesterol level and up to genetic diseases. The technology was quite easy and inexpensive. Everyone around the world wanted it so much, that there just were zero chances to not believe in it. 

At some point, you’d Elizabeth Holmes was named as the female Steve Jobs since she mocked his personal style and tried to deepen her voice to sound more decisively.

But, this dream never happened since Elizabeth got accused of scamming and just collecting the money from investors.

We do hope that one-day such a startup will actually happen since it’s quite an awesome thing to have at home and check your health once in a while, especially during the pandemic and quarantine. 

Levelcrowd is the place where you can invest in a startup as a part of many investors and get your profit in the nearest future. As investors ourselves, we must say, that there are plenty of quite thrilling and generous startups at Levelcrowd that will be big in the nearest future.

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