Promotion In Social Networks

People discuss everything in social networks, including your business, whether you like it or not. If you don’t participate in this process, you’re missing out customers.

What social networks provide for business?

Portrait of the target audience. When you communicate on behalf of the company, you see who subscribes to you, who actively interacts with the content, who is interested in the product, what pains the audience has and whether your product helps to get rid of it.

  • Coverage and mentions. The more the company’s content is distributed on social networks, the higher the brand awareness is.
  • Involvement. Involvement in social networks is represented by likes, reposts, comments, link clicks.
  • Transitions to the site. This point is especially important for e-commerce projects and Internet services. They attract customers to the main sites and promotional pages of advertising campaigns through social networks.

How to recruit your audience

Even if you regularly publish high-quality content, you will not be able to gain an audience and engagement without additional investments. Advertising cabinets of social networks will help promote the community. For instance, you can comprar seguidores instagram, or you can promote an Instagram account in conjunction with pages in other social networks. Instagram followers can be obtained by placing an active link in the profile descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

How to track sales

Use promo codes to track the frequency of mentions of each code.

  • Use questionnaires or a direct question.
  • Opt for Google Analytics on the Internet. You can set goals for the site: views, time on pages, purchases, registrations.

It should be noted that the return on investment in social marketing should not be negative. Still, if you have just started and it turns out to be zero or a small minus, it’s not scary.

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