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Popular Transport of The Future

Electric scooters have become a real boom in megacities. People take them in order to save money, not to stand in traffic jams, not to spoil the environment with unnecessary exhaust gases and, finally, just because it has become popular. Moreover, scooters promise to become another attribute, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern city.

Why do people choose an electric scooter?

Morning and evening streets of European cities are filled with people in business suits on scooters.  The trend in the popularity of scooters, of course, was set by millennials – people born from 1980 to 2000. This super-mobile generation feels the same at the age of 30 as at 20, and at the age of 40 as at 25.

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Having grown up on modern means of communication, they grasp information on the fly and put freedom above everything else. Even having the opportunity to buy a car, generation Y is more likely to choose an electric scooter, with which you can drive a couple of bus stops. Thanks to them, the sales volumes electric scooters are growing at a colossal rate.

The electric scooter turned out to be more convenient, so it immediately displaced both traditional transport and bicycles, after it turned out that it was more comfortable to travel in the subway with a scooter.

What is the situation on the off-road?

We are used to seeing ordinary two-wheeled electric scooters on city streets. Such models are distinguished by maneuverability, speed and compactness. These characteristics make them practical in urban environments. Still, there is another class. This is off road electric scooter.

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They are designed to ride not only on asphalt, concrete and tiles, but also off-road, on rough terrain or a bad road.

Everyone can choose their own version of the iSinwheel electric scooter.

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