Managing an Advertising Campaign is a strenuous job

Managing an Advertising Campaign is a strenuous job

Managing an advertising campaign is an arduous job as the managers are to examine all the MOs which are of vital importance. These Ms are mission, money, message, media and measurement. In the mission stage the marketers are to choose a set of objectives and goals which a firm has to carry on; this is basically the vision which the managers have. Broadly defined there are four major aims of an advertising campaign which are; informing, persuading, reminding and reinforcing. The motive of the advertising campaign plays the most vital role and based on this the managers decide the budget of the campaign.

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Some important variables which are to be kept under consideration while going for an advertising campaign are product life cycle stage, market share and consumer base, advertising frequency, competition and clutter etc. This also helps a lot in deciding the budget; for instance if a firm’s product is in the maturity stage and it begins an informational campaign then this will result only  as  waste of money and time; because at this stage reminders are only required as they can do the job. One the phase of budgeting is completed then ad campaign is chalked out by going through three steps: message generation and evaluation, creative development and execution and social responsibility review. First step is comprised of evaluating the target market in a diligent manner; once this is done then only an appealing message can be formulated in order to get the apt response from the market.



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The following step takes into account the improvisation variable because the attractiveness of the ad decides the response of the market. In the concluding phase the managers are needed to take under consideration legal and social bindings; an ad should be made in such a manner which is in complete harmony with the rules and regulations because controversial ads can be lethal for the product; thus if any problem is there with the ad then the firm get it edited.

Selecting the correct kind of media is significant as the success of the ad campaign is greatly dependent on this. Reach, frequency and impact must be taken into consideration before making this choice as this is what adds value to the ad Alternative advertising options are always available to the marketers as they are cost-effective; but while going for them the brand image must be given first priority because in some cases they can dilute the entire positioning of an offering. There are many ways of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign, including a historical approach and experimental designs. The advertising campaigns of Gucci are quite effective and as a result of them, the brand is positioned in an immaculately well fashion. The customers have a high switching cost which shows the effect of the advertising campaign.

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