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Looking for a Job In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been a popular place to look for work. Due to the stable and developed economy, a sufficient number of large companies are concentrated in almost all regions of the country that are interested in employees. However, after the UK leaved the EU, the situation on the labor market takes on new features. 

Popular job search areas

The most popular spheres to find job in United Kindom in terms of the number of employees are trade (wholesale and retail), health care and welfare activity, formation, academic sphere, manufacturing and hotel business. Government organizations are also major employers. Needs for specialists are regularly updated.

Ways to find work

There are several ways to find a job in the UK:

  1. You can browse jobs on media outlets such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Expatica or the CV Library, which has more than 200,000 jobs across the country.
  2. You can contact a recruiting agency specializing in your particular sphere. Big companies opt for staffing firms to search for highly qualified specialists on their behalf. Other agencies can help you find temporary jobs, such as offices or retail, for the duration of your training.
  3. As all over the world, networking can help you while looking for a job in the UK, as you can get much information about many vacancies from friends and acquaintances. Consequently, try to expand your network of contacts. Launch your profile on the renowned professional LinkedIn portal and connect with other people in your area.

Whichever way you choose to look for a job, be prepared well for it. Decent knowledge of English is the minimum required in any of the options, since for a work visa, you must prove your English proficiency at least at B1.

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