Keep Constantly Re-Inventing Yourself!

Keep Constantly Re-Inventing Yourself!

Have you ever found yourself in a rut in your real estate business?

Have you gotten away from doing what made you successful in the past? In real estate or any other business, you can’t stand still…your business either dies or it continues to flourish.

Imagine being a fish in the ocean…they are in constant motion or they’ll get eaten.

So what are you doing every day to keep your business moving? One strategy is to write out your daily schedule the night before.

When you plan your next day ahead of time, this will allow fewer distractions to occur and you’ll be able to get more things accomplished during the day.  Schedule your listing and showing appointments and buyer consultations first.  Then schedule your dollar-productive calls to prospects and clients and finally finish up with your busy work. To complete more of your tasks each day, write them down in order of their importance.

Once you start attacking item #1, you must finish it before you move on to item #2.

Now, in the beginning, you may find yourself listing some of the easier tasks to get done first.   I would accept that for now, because it’s more important to build the habit of doing this every day.  But in the future, you really need to look at listing the most important (yes and sometimes the hardest) tasks first. So grab a 3 x 5 note card and write down the top 5 dollar-productive activity items you need to accomplish for the day and resolve not to stop for the day until you’re done.

In the beginning, don’t overdo it.  You’re looking to achieve small successes that can build on each other as you gain momentum.

Are you using a system like this right now?  Do this system for a week and see how it works for you.

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