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How to Protect your PPC Ads against Brand Bidding

Brand bidding in affiliate marketing is a type of fraud in which competitors or unscrupulous webmasters use brand keywords for their natural advertising campaigns in search engines, if this is provided for by the rules of the affiliate program.

What can advertisers do to combat brand context?

After launching an affiliate program, the advertiser must add program rules to the description and prohibit the use of branded words to avoid brand bidding. But, unfortunately, this may not be enough, because attackers are coming up with new ways to bypass the fraud system.

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Bypassing the fraud system

If a company operates in multiple countries, the standard procedure for working with pandemic leaders is to manually review each country and look for advertising campaign keywords, demonstrating the effectiveness of all partner scams and effectiveness. When you consider that most fraud occurs at night and through various types of devices, manual branding becomes a nightmare.


Luckily, automated solutions like brand context tools can come to the rescue. They are available to all advertisers on the network. Tools provide round-the-clock monitoring of up to ten branded keywords in different regions, in several languages and multiple device types.

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When a branded ad is detected, the system automatically warns the advertiser and takes screenshots of the ad and the landing page it leads to. This allows you to catch webmaster violations related to brand context, immediately block threats and automatically reject fraudulent activities. Advertisers’ marketing budgeting remains safe, because rewards are paid only to trusted partners.

Any affiliate program running in these applications can be added to the monitoring list for free, which guarantees the safety and integrity of advertisers’ traffic.

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