How to make more money with one little feature?

How to make more money with one little feature?

Now almost every business owner has their own company website, where they talk about themselves, services or products, tell about something new, promotions, etc.  However, only few people know that a website can be easily improved with one small feature that can be great at boosting sales.

Callback widget is becoming more and more popular now.  This is a site form that connects the client with the manager of your company at the right time.  The callback widget is fully consistent with the site design and appears at the appropriate time, inviting the visitor to make a call, thereby attracting them to a purchase and making their life easier.

What are the benefits of a widget?

  1. Increases the number of hits. Callback motivates site visitors to dialogue with the company, and also increases the number of requests.
  2. Increase customer loyalty and trust. You immediately evoke positive emotions in the client, since you really call back at the agreed time.
  3. Speeds up the processing of messages. Now your managers will not need to spend a lot of time processing requests through the form, as the widget automates the process.

How does the callback widget work?

The customer visits the site, looks at your services or products, and when he has questions, for example, about price, characteristics, delivery, etc., a widget will appear unobtrusively, where the client can enter his number and indicate a convenient time to call.  After that, the system automatically connects the manager and the client at the specified time, where they discuss all the necessary questions.

And will help you in setting up the feedback widget.  They are professionals in their field who will quickly and easily help you to create a callback form that will fully match the design of your website. You can choose the style, size, location of the callback form, as well as write your own text for it.

Improve your site now and make it easier for your visitors to communicate with you!

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