Can you make money on horse racing

How to make money in the stable

People have always loved horses and many periodically think that it would be nice to have one of their own. When they think about the site, they understand that they can build a whole stable and make money on it. How to do it?

Horse rental

Many people dream of taking riding lessons on an ongoing basis. They come to private stables 1-3 times a week and train under the guidance of a trainer. Often one-time visitors come to the stables. They want to have fun riding for some event. Gift certificates for horse riding are popular too.

Importance of equipment

Every professional knows that the results of the training also depends on the equipment of the rider. Therefore, you must equip your stable with the necessary equipment for equestrian activities and walks.  For example, if the coach provides the rider with an excellent saddle, reliable safety stirrups, then he can be sure that the convenience and comfort of the ride will already ensure progress towards victory on competitions. Why? The more confident an athlete is with their equipment, the less they think about discomfort and the more they focus on the ride.


Horses are taken not only for wedding and simple romantic photo shoots, but also for entourage, thematic ones. Renting a horse for a photo shoot is more expensive than a simple rental, as the horse needs to be prepared: washed, combed.

Stable rental

You will be surprised, but many people who live in apartments have horses. But they keep them in third-party stables. Small amenities in your own stable will make it popular with equestrians.

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