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How Packaging Affects Sales

Starting a business of trading, you should think not only about the product, but about such trifles as packaging, because it also plays a role in the sale. Plastic Blister Production will come in handy.

Most often blister packaging comes in the form of rectangular containers. It is designed to protect devices from damage and give them a presentable appearance on store windows. Plastic can be ordinary (transparent), as well as with additional properties of protection from light (darkened). The use of plastic blisters will allow manufacturers to increase sales and make products more attractive to consumers.

What is it made of?

Materials used for the manufacture of blister packs include polystyrene, rigid PVC film, polypropylene and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Automation of production and the use of modern equipment contributes to improving the quality of products. When fulfilling orders, all the requirements and wishes of customers are taken into account.

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Clamshell double blister

Clamshell double blister packaging is widely used in our daily life. Double blister packaging is of fine workmanship and is used for product packaging, not only to protect the product, but also to make the product look more beautiful. The main task of blisters is to demonstrate the product without the risk of damage. In this case, a potential buyer can take the product in hand and carefully examine it.

Any type of blister packaging is developed individually for each of the customers. As a result, you get the original blister packaging, created specifically for your product.

UV protection

How much UV radiation enters the blister pack just because the transparency of the blister pack is also controlled. Metallized PVC completely stops all ultraviolet radiation and increases the time of real use of some products.

Water resistance

 Thermoformed polymer protects the interior from water, water vapor or some other liquids. In any case, the level of water-resistance of the entire set is additionally dependent on the back cover used for packaging. When the blister pack uses a paper-based sheet for the back cover, at this point the water resistance is very close to lower.

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Clamshell Blister Packaging has excellent oxygen and moisture repellency. The resistance properties improve as more layers of polymers are used in the assembly cycle to make the blister pack.

The opening is obvious

Sometimes the blister pack is difficult to reuse. Once this package is open, it cannot be effectively closed by any effort of the imagination. In addition, the type of implementation used also determines that blister packs can also be very difficult to open and require cutting.

Drop, Shock and Scratch Protection

The blister pack can hold the installed item and protect it from drops or unintended impacts. Hard outer polymer layer additionally protects the product from any scratches.

As you can see, the benefits of blisters are huge, it’s much better than selling goods without packaging at all. Even thin, barely noticeable packaging will evoke a feeling of neatness and safety of the product in the mind of the buyer.

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