How often to Check Google Analytics

How often to Check Google Analytics

Google Analytics checking consists in evaluating the current analytics of your site in the GA account. It is important to solve any problem, or to improve the quality and relevance of information. Checking analytics is necessary to get undistorted data to improve processes.

If you configure your account incorrectly, the traffic data will be distorted. Then you will get inflated tracking values, and checking will be meaningless in this case.

Google Analytics checking
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High-quality checking requires accurate data in order to make the right decisions.

How often do you check analytics?

According to experts, it is advisable that you check your GA account approximately once a month. Using various Google extensions and checking the 구글상위노출, you will be able to correctly build your steps for the next month.

But not everyone is in favor of a monthly check. Some recommend checking your data on a formalized basis 4 times a year with the same priority, and then you will eliminate the main problems affecting decision-making.

There is also an opinion that it is enough to check 4 times a year, because most marketers need up to 8 hours of time to perform an audit.

Some marketers prefer to have a regular schedule of inspections, while others prefer to conduct them on special occasions when a problem appears.

special occasions when a problem appears
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There are scenarios that definitely require an audit of Google Analytics. These include:

  • Launch of a new website;
  • Making changes to the site;
  • Updating CMS and plugins;
  • Changing the purpose of the site or adjusting business plans.

However, there are no strict rules regarding how often you should check GA. Instead of postponing inspections indefinitely due to the fact that you can’t figure out the regularity of their conduct, experiment and stick to the pace that suits you.

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