How Often should Website Content be Updated

Fresh, up-to-date content can significantly help a business. Here are just a few reasons:

  • it increases the ranking in search engines;
  • it increases traffic to the site;
  • it helps to convert traffic into sales;
  • it shows customers that the company is active.

Let’s look at how often you need to update the content.

Company and product information.

Update it as soon as possible. Make it a priority. The availability and prices of products are constantly changing.

Product Description

Update it every three months. Regularly review product or service descriptions. Make sure that the texts still match the brand.

Text content

Update it every year. Update the materials during or after the rebranding, after significant changes in the company or industry, or if you are working to increase engagement on the site.


The study found that sites that post 16 or more posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those that post less than four posts per month. It is unacceptable that the last blog post was posted more than 6 months ago. If there is no way to publish updates regularly, consider delegating the task to Blog Writing Services.


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Social network

The frequency of updates in social networks depends on your business, marketing strategy, and platform (for example, Twitter should be updated more often than Facebook and Instagram).

You should update your social media accounts frequently. Follow the social media strategy. If you can’t post regularly on social media, consider to use Content Writing Services.

Documentation and e-books

Update them from time to time. Companies that need to establish themselves as experts in their field should consider publishing documentation or e-books. As a rule, they have a research focus and require a deeper dive into the topic.

The period of relevance of web content may vary. How often to update materials depends on changes in the company, its strategy and the type of materials.

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