How do You Build a Business on Sims Freeplay

If you have long dreamed of having your own business, but in reality, you are still hindered by obstacles to build a business, then you can start with a game. In Sims, you can feel like a real businessman and open any enterprise. You have a question: how to build a business on sims freeplay?

Open your own cafe

The easiest option would be to open a cafe. You will be able to hire staff, improve equipment, and most importantly manage the cafe, increasing its popularity. To open a cafe, you need to reach level 27 in the game, then build a bus station from which you can get to the “Business Center”. The construction site can be found on the city map, which will be located to the left and below the store with goods for children. The cost depends on how many houses are built in your city.

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Personnel management

Each of your employees has 3 indicators that you need to monitor:

  • stress level. He appears every shift when serving dissatisfied visitors. To reduce stress, send employees on a break;
  • the level of happiness. The more hours an employee has worked per shift, the lower his level of happiness, so let’s give employees a weekend off;
  • learning opportunity. Once an employee has worked a certain number of shifts, he can be trained. After completing the training, the employee’s stress tolerance increases and the increase in stress levels slows down, he also serves faster, and recovers faster.

If an employee has quit, you will have one chance to persuade him to stay. If it doesn’t work out, then go back to the hiring tab and hire the specialists you need.

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Cafe improvement

Any business requires improvements in order to increase its efficiency and reach a new level. Keep track of the progress of your business, the further you advance through the levels, the more equipment for the cafe becomes available to you. You must have the latest equipment in your cafe, because visitors will order goods related to it.

Serve customers on time, keeping track of their timers, then your business will go uphill!

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