Gamification in marketing

Gamification in marketing

Gamification is the application of game-specific approaches to non-gaming processes in order to attract users and consumers, increase their involvement in solving applied problems, using products and services. It is gaining more and more popularity, it is mainly involved in business, self-development, sports, education, finance, but is gradually being introduced in other areas. More information on

Gamification software: what is it?

In order for the results to improve and engagement to be higher, special game mechanics are used on platforms and tools where gamification marketing software can be found. These include customer retention, performance management, employee engagement, and e-learning. Since this segment has gained immense popularity, the difference between elements and gamification and unique definitions is disappearing. Somewhere functions can be found customizable, but somewhere not.

Principles of gamification

Gamification can simplify everything from learning to business tasks, and increase the enjoyment of doing them. The approach can make any experience feel like a game, resulting in greater engagement. It will also add the joy of completing tasks, comparable to the joy of completing a difficult level of the game.


Any game contains motivation for the participants. This is necessary so that the player does not abandon the passage at one of the stages. He must have a specific goal that moves him forward. Gamification naturally inherits this principle. These can be bonuses that you get with each next level. If we talk about marketing, there can be a progressive discount system: the more you buy, the more you save.


During the game, the participant develops his character, growing “levels”. The further he goes, the stronger his character becomes. The same principle works in gamification. At work, this may be greater recognition of the team, promotion. In marketing, it is about improving the client’s status: from bronze to platinum.

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