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Figari Travel by Private Jet: Types and Price

Figari Airport is the ideal and most convenient air gateway to access the stunning southern regions of Corsica, and the small commune and area that surrounds it hosts many hotels and facilities for short-term tourist rentals, making Figari an ideal base from which to explore the far south of Corsica. You need to get to this beautiful place in comfort and convenience, for example, on a private jet Figari.

First of all, the client needs to decide what type of jet rental he needs. There are 7 types of private jet rental:

Group charter

The choice of companies and enterprises for comfortable transportation of managers and employees to other states.

Personal VIP charter

The entire salon is at the complete disposal of the client.

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Empty leg

Under “Empty-Leg” is meant the rental of an aircraft only on a certain section of the route, where it follows an empty one. The option is good because it costs 30-75% cheaper than the usual charter.

Cargo charter

 A separate offer for the transportation of oversized cargo, because only jet heavy vessels are suitable for such luggage.

Long-term charter

An option for those who fly more than 40 hours a month, but do not want to purchase a private jet.

Medical charter

It is necessary for the movement of patients (including seriously ill patients) and their attendants. A specially equipped vessel with a medical team on board is rented.

Charter to inaccessible regions

 In other words, departure to a location where commercial flights do not fly. An order is possible if civil aircraft are accepted at point B, there is a suitable runway.

Such a wealth of choice is easily explained by statistics from Forbes: today the global aviation market is valued at $27.5 billion, and in just six years this figure will increase to $36.2 billion.

What is the cost of renting a business jet

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The specific cost of the rental will be revealed by the personal manager of the carrier company, having found out all your preferences and conditions. The price is made up of a whole list of factors:

  • the category of the leased aircraft, its size and capacity;
  • type of business jet rental;
  • date, summer time;
  • availability of free jets;
  • flight route;
  • number of passengers;
  • volume and complexity of additional services;
  • the number of days of parking (waiting for the client) at the airport.

Accordingly, the greater the distance to be overcome, the more expensive the cost of the private jet flights. The most economical flights are on the Empty Legs system.

How to book a private jet rental

Experts recommend renting a jet no later than a day before the proposed choice. The earlier the application is submitted, the richer the choice of aircraft. In this case, there is no air ticket – the customer concludes an agreement with a broker or transportation operator.

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