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Electric Scooter Rental is a Promising Idea for Business

Electric scooter is one of the most popular means of transportation, especially in large cities. Their main advantages are manoeuvrability and low weight.

Most people do not buy electric scooter, but rent them, because they use them only periodically. This can result in a highly profitable business with relatively modest investments.

Pros and cons of business

Rental of iScooter electric scooter is often combined with bicycle rental, as well as segways and other means of transportation. This is a relatively new niche that is just beginning to develop, mainly in large cities.

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Business Advantages:

  • this is a growing market (growth prospects are estimated at about 15-20% per year);
  • high margin — up to 250-300%, which makes it possible to quickly recoup investments;
  • the popularity of this type of transport among young people;
  • availability of infrastructure (bike paths, etc.) in many cities.


  • high competition, including from state and network companies;
  • there are risks of breakdowns (and as a result — expensive repairs);
  • limited target audience — up to 2% of the population;
  • risk of theft. In large cities, there is already the possibility of bike sharing due to the ability to track the location of each scooter, but this requires additional costs for connecting equipment;
  • the need for regular recharging. Even a scooter with a high-quality battery will have enough charge for a maximum of 10-12 hours. In addition, over time, the batteries will lose capacity and fail;
  • seasonality of business — it is relevant mainly in the warm season.
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Scooters for rent: favourable locations for rental

Rental points are located in parks, squares, embankments and other places with good traffic. Pedestrian traffic is an important condition for the success of rental scooters. Moreover, it is important that these are not people rushing to work or on business, but people on a walk.

If these is Off road electric scooter, then in this case the number of locations where these scooters will be relevant is narrowed, but you can come up with a small mini-trip on them for potential buyers.

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