Digitalization of Your Restaurant

It is now very easy to familiarize customers with the main offers of a restaurant or cafe thanks to modern and effective menu screens for restaurants. Such digital menu boards are able not only to display information with the names and cost of dishes, but also to broadcast images, which allows customers to make a choice faster, visually assess the quality of dishes and the variety of menus.


Digital menu boards for cafes are video walls or separate LCD monitors for installation in showcases or halls. When creating the system, professional high-brightness LCD panels are used with an increased resource and increased resistance to temperature and humidity changes.

System Features:

  • remote management and control of content;
  • translation of static and dynamic images, text information;
  • vertical and horizontal placement of screens without the effect of gravity crystals;
  • easy installation and operation.

The system uses certified software from Samsung, LG and other leading manufacturers.


The use of LCD panels causes a number of advantages of the system. Due to the high brightness and excellent color reproduction, the electronic menu for restaurants can be installed in well-lit halls, rooms with a glass roof, in showcases. Even in the case of direct sunlight, the information will be clearly distinguishable. At the same time, the laconic design allows you to harmoniously fit the equipment into any type of environment, be it a fast food restaurant, a pub or a themed cafe.

Menu boards for restaurants pay off quickly, do not require special staff qualifications to work with them. A visual offer of food and drinks increases the average check. Customers independently evaluate the cost and variety of the menu, decide on an order, and are more willing to choose previously unfamiliar positions. The systems installed in the showcases attract visitors, which increases the traffic of the institution several times.

Image by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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