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An Office Chair as a Very Important Attribute

Sedentary work often leads to increased fatigue, back pain, swelling of legs, and poor posture. As a result, various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and circulatory system develop.

The question of how to choose an office chair from SONGMICS also worries those who work from home. Despite less strict working conditions, freelancers also have to spend a lot of hours in front of a computer.

For the manager

It is the most respectable, expensive and functional group. SONGMICS office chair for managers is equipped “to the maximum”: all kinds of position adjustments, a headrest, a massager can be built-in. They emphasize the status of their owner. The upholstery is most often made of genuine leather in noble shades.

pc office chair
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For employees

They look simpler than previous varieties, and use artificial leather or textiles for decoration. Meanwhile, it is important that the product has the maximum number of settings. After all, furnishings are purchased for the entire office, and everyone’s height, weight and body structure are different. So that the person sitting can adjust the furniture to suit himself and adjustment is needed.

For visitors

The period that a person spends in such a chair is limited to a couple of hours, and it does not need to have a wide range of settings. For meeting rooms and reception areas, management uses more expensive options with a soft seat, a cover made of leather or its substitute and a stylish design. In less significant rooms – in the hall, for reception of employees – simple types with textile upholstery are installed.

gaming chair and table
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For children, for gamers

The characteristics of the former should be similar to the chair for employees. The only thing is that such chairs are distinguished by reduced dimensions, adapted to the height and weight of the child.

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