A Troubleshooting Appliances Business To Make Money

A Troubleshooting Appliances Business To Make Money

You can make extra income with appliance repair. Finding used and discarded appliances may not be too difficult. Many can be repaired and sold as second-hand appliances. You may get many of them free of charge. This gives you an opportunity for good profits. Would you like to know how to repair appliances and sell them? Here are some ways to think about.

Finding appliances

There are a number of ways to find appliances for your business. Do you have a pickup truck and dolly? You may find a lot of discarded items that you can pick up. They may be sitting on the curb for trash pickup. These appliances will serve you well in your business.

Many of these appliances will be inexpensive to repair. You may find a clothes dryer that needs a new drive belt. It may work very well when fixed. There will be stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines that need inexpensive repairs, also.

Many refrigerators quit working. The problem might be in the defrost circuit. Often times a new defrost timer or thermostat will fix the unit. You could sell things for a great deal more than your investment.

Consider offering a short term warranty with your appliances. People want to know that you do good work. If they get a defective item, they can bring it back. This instills confidence and may be a good selling feature.

Washing machines can also be lucrative to repair. There are many washers today with the direct drive system. There is no drive belt. The motor attaches to the transmission with an inexpensive coupling. This coupling will sometimes break. You can easily replace it in ten minutes or so. The washing machine may work fine.

Sometimes you will get something that cannot be repaired. That is when you dismantle it and salvage the parts for your business. This can give you a free repair on a free appliance. That is a 100 percent profit.

It will not take much money to start your business. Maybe you can use your garage, to begin with. Consider classified ads in your local paper.

You will have to check into local ordinances and laws. Some residential areas may not allow businesses like yours. If your business is small and in your garage, it may work for a while. You will eventually have to find a shop.


You may wish to know how to repair appliances and sell them. You can start out small with a pickup truck and appliance dolly. You may be able to obtain used appliances free or for little cost. You can make a steady amount of money by fixing and selling.

Those who dare to take their business on the internet will be rewarded.

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