A real translator, who is he

A real translator, who is he?

Sometimes we need an urgent text translation. When high demands are not made on the quality of a translation, you can take advantage of free Internet resources such as electronic translators. They are quite enough to give you the essence of a foreign text, but there can be no high quality. A professional translation can be performed only by a person, and not a person who is superficially familiar with the original language, but a qualified translator. Moreover, electronic translators will not be able to help in the translation of audio or video files.

Nowadays there are many companies specializing in the translation of text documents.  As practice shows, if you need to translate a technical text, you should not contact the very first agency. Just look at their advertising: most of them make any translation of documents. If these agencies firmly believe that they are “universal”, the translation will likely be performed not-so-great.

If you need to translate documents, it is very important to find a professional translator. Of course, you can contact one of the translation agencies, but it is much easier to work with a specific translator. How a good specialist could be choosen?

A price of the translation will depend on how complex the text is and urgency of the work. A subject of the translation can be as follows:

  • apostille translations;
  • translation of technical documentation (general documents, legal documents, contract, charter, audit report, explanatory note, criminal case, etc.);
  • translation of medical documentation (pharmacological report, clinical report, research report);
  • examination report;
  • description of various medical products;
  • certificates;
  • economic area (general text, for example, a description of the business, business conditions, financial statements, company presentation, contracts, legal documents etc).

Entrusting translation of an important document to a professional, you can be sure of quality and accuracy of the work performed. A professional possesses all the knowledge and skills necessary for translating and also has extensive experience in this special field. If you have any doubts about the competence of your translator, you can ask an example of his work or offer to perform one test (a paid task).

Finding a good translator is quite difficult. This is primarily due to the fact that not all specialists who call themselves translators are really good ones. Most of the offers in the market of translation services come either from students of language universities, or from those who have completed general language courses and want to earn extra money on translations. Of course, this is a bad variant for the customer. Students, even those studying as professional translators, lack experience and knowledge, so there are a lot of mistakes in their translations. Only a person who has received an appropriate education and practices in this field has the right to be called a real translator.

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